About Jernej

Jernej Bervar is a multi award winning guitar player and high demand session player/producer, operating in styles from jazz, pop, rock to metal. He is featured on releases around the world including USA, Japan, Slovenia, Russia, Austria, and UK. Jernej was born in Maribor/Slovenia. Starting out on a classical guitar at the age of 4, he quickly became attracted to electric guitar and rock music. He finished the Conservatory of Music in Slovenia and moved to Austria to study jazz guitar. After graduating he was awarded with a scholarship from Berklee College of Music and moved to Boston.


John La Porta Jazz Award 2014

Willson Center Guitar Competition

Performance Division Guitar Award 2015

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Concerts played
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See me perform Live
  • 2015


    7 april- Atlantic Music Expo (Cape Verde) - Cluttered Clarity

  • 2015


    5th- SNG; Zorbas Suite Ballet (Maribor,SLO) / 6th- SNG; Zorbas Suite Ballet (Maribor,SLO) / 12th- Lounge Bar Nana, Duo with Ana Bezjak (Maribor, Slo) 18th- Lounge Bar Nana, Solo guitar (Maribor, Slo) 19th- E2RD Gallery, Duo with Ana Bezjak (Maribor, Slo) 25th- Lounge Bar Nana, Solo guitar (Maribor, Slo)

  • 2015


    1st- Poletni Kitarski Veceri/ Bar Circolo (Koper/Slo)- Jernej Bervar and Blaz Lamovec duo 5th- Nana lounge/bar (Maribor/Slo)- Solo Jazz guitar 6th- Festival Lent/Ziva Dvorisca (Maribor/Slo)- Jernej Bervar and Blaz Lamovec duo 9th- Nana lounge/bar (Maribor/slo)- Solo jazz guitar 21st- Liquid (Luxemburg)- Cluttered Clarity 25th- Jazz Blues Rally (Luxemburg)- Cluttered Clarity 30th- Guang Zhou (China) ; TuTu LIVE HOUSE - SunBeatzz Belive tour 31- Zhao Qing (China) ; LeiNi Music HOUSE SunBeatzz Belive tour

  • 2013


    8/01 Zhu Hai Golden Jazz club -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/02 Shen Zhen; B10 Live house -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/5 Dong Wan; So What live house -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/7 Su Zhou Jiu Tian music Bar -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/8Shang Hai; On Stage -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/9 Hang Zhou; Huang Lou Jazz Club -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/11 Nan Jing; 61Club -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/12 He Fei; On The Way -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/13 Xu Zhou; Yao Live House -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/14 Tian Jin; Pai LIve house -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/ 15 Beijing ; Ao Club -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/18 Han Dan; Bao Li Theater -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/20 Zi Bo; Xiu Sheng Chang Live House -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/21 Tai Yuan; Music bar -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/22 Chang Zhi; Viva Live House -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/23 Zheng Zhou; 7 Live House -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/28 Xi'an Guang Quan club -SunBeatzz Belive China tour 8/29 Luo yang; Xi Tang Live House -SunBeatzz Belive China tour

  • 2013


    9/4 Kunming; Kunming Theater- SunBeatzz Belive China tour 9/13 Boston; John Hancock Hall- SunBeatzz live at ATV miss Asia Pageant US

  • 2013


    8th- Vivienne Aerts and Band (Tagine fine Moroccan Cusine/ NY) 9pm